“This Master with these swords represent the seven sword strikes. And the four animals represent the four virtues, that is prudence, celerity, fortitude, and audacity. And whoever wants to be good in this art should possess these virtues”

– Fiore dei Liberi

               Historical European Martial Arts (Hema)

The New York Times and Al Jezeera have segments on what HEMA is. Feel free to watch them to get a general understanding of what HEMA and Historical Fencing is.


Welcome to Iron Gate Swordfighting



Iron Gate Swordfighting is an Historical European Martial Arts and Historical Fencing club that studies the use of the European longsword and other weapons based on manuscripts from the early 15th century. Iron Gate’s main study is an Italian martial art called Armizare (Art of arms) based on late 14th century fencing master Fiore dei Liberi’s treatise Il Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle) which covers grappling, dagger, longsword, sword in armor, poleaxe and spear.

Members of Iron Gate also train in Historical Fencing that utilizes the skills learned and applies them to fencing with the longsword and other weapons using modern protective gear and travels to various Historical European Martial art events to compete against other fencers from around the world.

Iron Gate Swordfighting Historical European Martial Arts is an affiliate of the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, a registered 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization. Iron Gate’s mission is to educate the public about the Historical European Martial Arts from the middle ages through the renaissance based on historical manuscripts written by fencing masters, and to dispel the myths and stereotypes associated with the European Martial Arts as portrayed in media such as film, stage, fantasy novels and video games just to name a few.

        Iron Gate is dedicated to the revival, advancement and promotion of the Historical European Martial Arts through research, training, and applying the techniques in demonstrations, sparring and competition.

        Iron Gate performs demonstrations at public community events such as schools, churches, libraries, parades, festivals and public gatherings where appropriate. Iron Gate has created a fun and educational demonstration that keeps observers entertained while educating them about the Historical European Martial Arts. Iron Gate only asks for donations in return for providing demonstrations.

        Iron Gate has classes/training available for those interested in learning the Historical European Martial Arts for the purposes of curiosity, education, fitness, hobby, or competition. Training is conducted in a professional and safe manner adhering to safety guidelines as provided from the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance. Learning historical fencing is a fun and rewarding activity and there are opportunities to showcase learned skills at local, national and international Historical European Martial Arts conventions, tournaments and seminars around the globe.